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Steward Assembly

1 décembre 2011
17h30 - 20h30
Super 8 Amherst Hotel, Amherst, Nova Scotia (Map)

In an effort to strengthen and build on our union’s capacity, the PSAC will be holding Stewards’ Assemblies in different locations in Nova Scotia. This invitation is for ALL PSAC Stewards. It will be in the evening, but the time is yet to be determined. 

These assemblies will:

Offer a forum for stewards from the same area to network and get to know each other;

Provide space and time to look at the PSAC’s Fightback Campaign;

Review the Steward’s role, tools & material including the Work Force Adjustment Appendix.

As supper will be provided, pre-registration is essentialTo register, please submit your name, telephone number, DCL or Component and Local number to the HalifaxRegional Office at:  Hfx_Admin@psac.com before November 29, 2011.

The following expenses can be claimed:

Stewards traveling more than 40 kms (one way) from their worksite will be reimbursed for mileage at the TB rate.  If loss of salary is incurred due to travel time, this will also be reimbursed. 

Family Care as per the PSAC’s Family Care Policy (receipts are required).

In the case of shift workers, loss of salary will be reimbursed (copy of shift schedule must be provided).

If no assembly is held in your immediate vicinity, mileage and loss of salary incurred to travel to meeting can be reimbursed.  However, pre-approval is required.

Food Allergies:  Please advise when you register if you have any food allergies (as meal will be provided).

Please remember: As per all PSAC functions this is a scent-free event.